Koi.S.P.E. “Faros”

Koi.S.P.E. “FAROS” (Social Cooperative of Limited Liability) is a new form of cooperative business for people with psychosocial problems. Its purpose is the social inclusion and occupational integration of people with severe psychosocial problems in order to help as far as possible to their economic self-sufficiency and to their rehabilitation. Institutionalized by Law 2716/99.

Koi.S.P.E. “FAROS” was founded in 2006 as a result of a collective effort of the Greek Center for Mental Health and Research branch of Patras, the Psychiatric Clinic of the University Hospital of Patras “Panagia I Voitheia” and the Mental Health Center of the General Hospital of Patras “Aghios Andreas “.

Administrative Board

The A.B. is elected by the Regular General Assembly, which convenes during the 3rd year since the previous election. The board consists of seven regular members and an equal number of alternate members. Five of these members come from categories B and C, while the other two come from category A.

The composition of the board is the following:


VICE PRESIDENT: V. Athanasopoulou



MEMBER: N. Andrikopoulou

MEMBER: E. Karageorgopoulou

MEMBER: K. Goloni

Supervisory Board

The S.B. is elected from the General Assembly and consists of a President and two members. Members from category A do not participate in the S.B. The S.B. monitors the acts of the A.B and verifies that the decisions of the General Assembly are upheld by the A.B. The S.B. has a right and a duty to be informed of any book, document or additional data regarding the Koi.S.P.E, to perform accounting and managerial audits and to monitor the course of the enterprise’s affairs.

The composition of the Supervisory Board is the following:


MEMBER: K. Papadopoulou

MEMBER: E. Bodioti

General Assembly

The G.A. convenes annually following a call from the A.B, or extrordinarily when convened by the A.B. In order for a meeting to be held timely, at least half of the members must be present.