The Social Enterprise (Koi.S.P.E) “Faros”, is the result of a collective effort from the following principal units of mental health in the prefecture of Achaia:

  • the Psychiatric clinic of the university general hospital of Patras
  • the centre for mental health of the ” O agios Andreas” general hospital of Patras
  • the Hellenic Centre for Mental Hygiene and Research, Patras branch


In November 2003, the “Synergy for the Support of Social Enterpreneurship”, informed the reoresentatives of the aforementioned bodies, regarding the prospects of founding a Limited Liability Social Enterprise in the prefecture of Achaia. The cooperation with the “Synergy for the Support of Social Enterpreneurship” was a result of the fact that within the Centre for Mental Hygiene and Research, Patras branch, a support network for social enterpreneurship for the mentally afflicted was active, as part of the “EQUAL” Community Act.


The initiative for the establishment and operation of the Koi.S.P.E. “Faros” was approved and has been supported by the Sector Commitee of Mental Health of the Prefecture of Achaia, as well as the 6th Health District of Greece. In addition, Koi.S.P.E. “Faros” received a feasability approval by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity (Protocol Nr.  Υ5α/Γ.Π.74779/14-11-2004).


On 21/06/2006 the Temporary Administrative Commitee applied to the county court of Patras,for registration of the articles of association of the Koi.S.P.E. “Faros” and on 13/07/2006 the articles of association were registered in the Registry of Cooperatives of the county court.


On 19/11/2007 elections were held for the appointment of the Administrative and Supervisory boards. As a result of this initiative, a six (6) member initiative commitee was created, consisting of representatives of the three aforementioned bodies. A briefing of local bodies, mental health professionals and persons with mental problems then took place, after which a large number of those briefed expressed their interest in participating in the creation of a Koi.S.P.E. in the prefecture of Achaia.


Founding  members of the Koi.S.P.E. “Faros” are:

  • 17 mental health professionals
  • 19 persons with psuchosocial issues
  • 9 public bodies, which are the following:

 6th Health Region of Greece

University Regional General Hospital of Patras “Panagia I Voitheia”

Medical association of Patras

General Hospital of Patras “O agios Andreas”

Prefecture of Achaia

Municipality of Messatis

Association of Families for Mental Health (SOPSY)

Association of Parents and Guardians “Agioi Anargyroi”

Hellenic Centre for Mental Hygiene and Research, Patras branch.


The participation in the Koi.S.P.E. of professionals who are active in the wider area of Mental Health is equally important, since their contribution in raising the awereness of the community, regarding the persons of the target group is catalytic and an essential condition for the achievements of the enterprise’s goals.

On 8/01/2009 the Union of Newspaper Editors of Daily Newspapers of Peloponnisos – Epirus – Islands, as well as the Municipal Organization of Health and Welfare of the Municipality of Patras and the Children’s General Hospital of Patras “Karamandaneio” were enrolled as category C members.

The contribution of the aforementioned bodies in the operation and development of the various activities of the Κοι.S.P.E. is extremely important, as it denotes the awareness of the local society (in the level of public bodies), regarding issues pertaining to the social and professional integration of persons with psychosocial issues.

Today, there are 119 members of Koi.S.P.E. “Faros”, distributed in the three categories as follows:

  • Category A: 79 members
  • Category B: 28 members
  • Category C: 12 members

Koi.S.P.E. “Faros” employs 26 persons, for it’s various activities::

  • 22 persons with psychosocial issues
  • 2 supervisors
  • 2 administrative employees