Hospital Laundry Service

The Hospital Laundry Service, began in October 2012.

Activity Development

Koi.S.P.E. “Faros” has assumed the whole part of the Laundry Service through a competition of the University General Hospital of Patras.


Twelve (12) persons are employed in the hospital laundry service, in everyday 4 hour shifts, as follows:

  • Eleven (11) individuals with psychosocial issues in laundry
  • One (1) professional as supervisor

The individuals employed have attended a training programme entitled “Organization and operation of laundry and ironing facilities for Hospital and Hotel units” as part of the Operational Programme “Employment and Professional Training” and have attended a 6 month internship in the laundry services of the “Agios Andreas” general hospital and the university general hospital of Patras.